1. For Retailers

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

  1. The number of customer loyalty tools available are endless including loyalty cards, facebook “likes”, social media strategy, corporate website marketing, and couponing.

  2. The single most important tool that any retailer can use to gain and maintain customer loyalty is “Getting the Basics Right” at every shopping experience. No fancy whistles required!

  3. The basics include trained, knowledgeable and motivated staff interacting in a professional, courteous manner with your store customers to provide a positive shopping experience every time and in every store.

  4. We conduct an evaluation of your store experience and provide you with a written analysis. We also provide concrete solutions for areas of improvements.

  5. The final report is communicated during a two hour client meeting.

Private Label

  1. 360 review of your private label program, offering practical and innovative strategies to defend and grow your most important brand – your own!

  2. Segmentation of private label, is it right for your chain?

  3. Benchmarking your private label brand vs regional competitors and international “best in class”

  4. Internal workshops and seminars

  5. Product sourcing


  1. Our independent analysis will allow you to rank your performance vs regional competitors.

  2. Independent verification of key corporate assumptions can save time, money and facilitate more effective decision-making at the boardroom level.

Store Audit/Mystery Shopper

  1. Independent audit on your critical issues: customer service, merchandising and promotions, inventory control or other.

  2. Audit can be done both with and without store level knowledge.

Training Workshops

  1. Wide range of training workshops are available including customer service, employees as your brand ambassadors, stock rotation and effective merchandising.

Customised Solutions for Emerging Markets

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