1. For Governments, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce

Trade Missions

  1. Incoming GCC Trade Mission management as a whole or in collaboration with other partners

  2. Strong experience working on high-level government trade missions in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

  3. Services include individual matchmaking sessions for participants, group meetings with key industry figures, briefing book, workshop on best practices, industry/sector market intelligence and cultural aspects of doing business in the region

  4. Recruitment of your target clients for trade missions back to your home country

Representation and « Time Share » Market Development

  1. Promote your region or industry in the GCC without the costs of a full time staff or office expenses

  2. “Live” presence in the market is highly appreciated and culturally appropriate in the region

  3. Attract investment opportunities back to your country

  4. Attend industry events on your behalf

Press Scan

  1. Timely, thorough and accurate press review of print and online regional media in English and/or Arabic on areas of interest for you

  2. Quarterly recap of trends and assessment of underpinnings based on in-market experience

  3. Annual video-conference with client and their constituents on major trends during the year and predictions for coming year

Customised Solutions for Emerging Markets

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